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Summer Training and Internship on Embedded System


Embedded For You Magazine @ AET is now taking applications for Summer Training cum Intern ship on Embedded Systems for the upcoming session. If you would like to apply.

How do I apply?

Please send your resume, portfolio, and anything else you would like to share to register'at'aet-embedtech'dotcom.

What to expect?

AET is always seeking students that have a passion to develop. During your internship you can expect to be working in a small team on an Industrial application of MCU's and related projects. We like to give our interns real projects that can realistically be completed in a semester.

I heard about your interview process, what should I know?

All candidates are scheduled for two interviews. One is a more general interview where we assess your listed skills, past works, motivation, and other general areas. Your not going to be able to study for this one so just make sure you know what is on your resume. The second interview is geared to assess your technical skills. You will be asked programming problem questions that are meant to be challenging. The goal is to see how well you are able to think and communicate through a problem. It is highly recommended that you read the following book. It will help you greatly moving forward with your programming career.


What skills are we seeking?

First and foremost we want self motivated students that will get the job done. We are always seeking front-end, back-end, and graphic design students. However, it would be ideal if you had experience or are interest in learning some of the following:

Microcontroller Architectures

  • Atmel 8-bit RISC Architecture - Mega8, Mega128,Mega32 etc..
  • 8051 Architecture.


  • Codevision AVR
  • Arduino
  • Keil

Other Skills

  • Web Design
  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Java
  • Android Programming
  • Git
  • WordPress

How much time will be required?

We know that school happens and we don’t put a min or max on the amount of work you should do. We are a very strong believer in you get out what you put it. With that said, our intern pool is the first place we go to hire students into Academy Of Embedded Technology.

Is this internship paid?

No. This is an unpaid internship. However, it is highly common for us to hire top trainees into AET for the following semester. There is a huge interest in our positions and it is really beneficial for everyone to have that initial semester to see if AET is right for them.

I want to be involved, but I’m not ready for the internship.

With classes, experience, and other activities this has been a very common question. We still encourage you to be involved with The Mobile Lab even if your not ready, for whatever reason, to commit to our internship program.

Our advice is to follow us on social sites Embedded For You and to keep in touch with what we are doing. Taking the Student Centered Learning course offered in Embedded Systems from AET is also a big stepping stone. We also invite you to stop by our office and even attend our weekly group meetings to get to know us.

Lastly, we encourage you to become a contributor to this site by writing blog posts about the things that interest you. It really helps us get to know your skills and what you are all about.


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