Function Generator Trainer

FGT - 10

Function Generator Trainer, FGT-10 is designed to study the working of waveform generation circuits and It is widely used in industry and education.
The basic circuit configuration and the external components necessary for the high-quality function generator system is shown in figure. The circuit shown in the figure is designed to operate with  ±7V split supply. For most applications, split-supply operation is preferred since it results in an output DC level which is nearly at ground potential.
The circuit configuration of figure provides three basic waveforms : sine, triangle and square wave. There are five overlapping frequency ranges which give an overall frequency range of 1Hz to 100KHz. In each range, the frequency may be varied over a 10:1 tuning range.
The sine or triangle output can be varied from 0 to over 6V approx (peak to peak) from a 600 ohm source at the output terminal.
A square wave output is available at the sync output terminal for oscilloscope synchronizing and for driving logic circuits (TTL Output is provided).

  • Frequency Range
  • Frequency Setting
  • Frequency Accuracy
  • Sine and Triangle Output
  • Sinewave Distortion
  • Square wave (Sync Output)
  • Duty cycle
  • TTL Output
  • Frequency Modulation (External Sweep)
  • Amplitude Modulation (AM)
  • Power Source


Frequency Range : The function generator system is designed to operate over four overlapping frequency ranges :
1 Hz to 10 Hz
10 Hz to 100Hz
100 Hz to 1 KHz
1KHz to 10KHz
10KHz to 100KHz
The range selection is made by switching in different timing capacitors.

Frequency Setting : At any range setting, frequency can be varied over a 10 : 1 tuning range with a potentiometers (see R13 in figure).

Frequency Accuracy : Frequency accuracy of the XR-2206, is set by the timing resistor R and the timing capacitor C, and is given as : f = 1 / RC

The above expression is accurate to within ±5% at any range setting. The timing resistor R is the series combination of resistors R4 and R13 of figure. The timing capacitor C is any one of the capacitors C3 through C6 shown in the figure.

Sine and Triangle Output : The sine and triangle output amplitudes are variable from 0V to 6Vpp. the amplitude is set by an external potentiometer, R12 of figure. At any given amplitude setting, the triangle output amplitude is approximately twice as high as the sinewave output. The internal impedance of the output is 600W.

Sinewave  Distortion : The total harmonic distortion of sinewave is less than 1% from 10Hz to 10KHz and less than 3% over the entire frequency range. The selection of a waveform is made by the triangle / sine selector switch, S2.

Square wave (Sync Output) : The sync output provides a 50% duty cycle pulse output with either full swing or upper half swing of the supply voltage depending on the choice of sync output terminals on the printed circuit board.

Duty cycle : For square wave output duty cycle 50% is widely used in industry and electronics. So it is internally set.

TTL Output : Sync Output half swing output is TTL is compatible and it is used to used interface with digital Circuits.

Frequency Modulation (External Sweep) : Frequency can be modulated or swept by applying an external control voltage to sweep terminal. When not used, this terminal should be left open circuited. The open circuit voltage at this terminal is approximately 3V above the negative supply voltage and its impedance is approximately 1000 ohms.

Amplitude Modulation (AM) : The output amplitude varies linearly with modulation voltage applied to AM input. The output amplitude reaches its minimum as the AM control voltage approaches the half of the total power supply voltage. The phase of the output signal reverses as the amplitude goes through its minimum value. The total dynamic range is approximately 55dB, with AM control voltage range of 4V referenced to the half of the total supply voltage. When not used, AM terminal should be left open circuited.

Power Source : Split supplies : ±7V.  Supply Current : 15mA. (approx.)



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