e/m Thomson Method


One of the most fascinating demonstration of modern physics in the controlled bending of stream of high speed electrons in a magnetic field. Measurement of the ratio of the charge on the electron to its equally minute mass imparts a stimulating sense of achievement. The apparatus consists of a 3" Cathode Ray Tube. Power Supply Unit to provide HV voltage to operate the Cathode Ray Tube and DC Voltage for deflection plates, three wooden stands and a pair of bar magnet. he tube is mounted on a wooden stand which has a groove cut at its bottom to fit into another stand with platform for placing two bar magnets. 
Digital gauss meter is provided to read the magnetic filed produced by bar magnets for deflecting the trace. The Regulated Power Supply Unit provides all the voltages required to operate the tube. It supplies the positive voltage required to deflect the Electron Beam. This voltages can be varied by the deflection control and can be measured by Voltmeter given on the panel. he voltages on the deflection plates are interchanged by switch REVERSE so as to deflect the beam either upward or downward.

To study charge of an electron using Thomson Method. 

Apparatus Required
  • High Voltage Power Supply with one Meter Provided to measure the Deflection Voltage.
  • Complete with intensity, Focus & Deflection Controls.
  • Compass Box.
  • Set of ELICO Magnets.
  • Teak Wood Stand with CRT mounted.
  • Teak Wood U stand with scale on both theorems for placing magnets.

  • Regulated High Voltage Power Supply for CRT excitation.
  • Regulated Power supply for deflection voltage (X / Y).
  • Digital meter is provided to measure deflection voltage.
  • Digital Gauss meter is provided to read the magnetic field of bar magnets.
  • Set of Bar Magnets, Teak wood stand with CRT mounted, Teak wood U stand with scale on both the arms for placing magnets.



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