Microcontroller Projects

Microcontroller Projects

SD Card

24C EEPROM Copier & Programmer

Digital Panel Meter

Zixbee Eval. Board

Read Your Brain Activity

Traffic Controller

RGB color sensor module

ACU - 10


Embedded Voice Recognition System

using RS-232 for CNC machine

Capsense Technology

Embedded Android System

Robotic Trainer

TFT - LCD Touch Controller

DTMF Decoding, SD Card Interfacing and Audio Generation using AVR

Music Mimic

Turn your Microcontroller board into a graphics card

Automatic IR Tap Controller

Design and Simulation of Shift Register driven Quad Motor Driver with PWM using 8051

Solar - Chrg

For detection and measurement of all types of radiation

Make anything Into a Key and play music using it

Ride for Fun

Play Your Game

Persistence of Vision using AVR

Railway Announcer

50 Projects on 8051

To display Text, Graphics, Animations, and Video

Write a Program to make a Multipurpose Industrial Timer


Home Autmation

All-IN-One Circuit Breaker